• A1180 Vienna, Austria
  • Gymnasiumstrasse 42/5
  • phone +43/1/478 34 00
  • fax +43/1/478 63 91
  • e-mail office@aeeg.at

Austrian Environmental Expert Group

Forschungsinstitut für Energie- und Umweltplanung


Managing Director: Dipl.-Ing. Richard SCHÖNSTEIN

Shareholder: Dipl.-Ing. Richard SCHÖNSTEIN and Mag. Beatriz SCHÖNSTEIN-WIPPEL

Founding Members: Dipl.-Ing. Richard SCHÖNSTEIN and Univ.-Lekt. Dr. Georg SCHÖRNER

The Institute consists of a core team and of a network of experts. This expert pool consists of 40 recognized specialists with the necessary expertise and qualification and grants access to a wide base of experience and knowledge on a international base. Depending on the topics of the projects an adequate team of experts is gathered and approaches the tasks in a professional way. We use flexible and cooperative methods to ensure optimal team formation und professional, temporal and financial aspects. In research projects we work together with other institutes and universities, like the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, University of Economics, Technical University.

In the department of internationalization we work together with members of different cultural areas. These intercultural teams present an important potential of innovation for projects in their countries and can provide excellent results.

Network partners


  • Niederösterreichische Landesregierung
    • Abteilung Umweltrecht
    • Abteilung Umwelttechnik
    • Abteilung Gesamtverkehrsangelegenheiten
    • Abteilung Raumordnung und Regionalpolitik
    • Abteilung Wohnbauforschung
    A-3109 St. Pölten, Landhausplatz 1
    web: http://www.noel.gv.at/umwelt/luft.htm
  • Magistrat der Stadt Wien
    Magistratsabteilung 22 Umweltschutz
    A-1082 Vienna, Ebendorferstraße 4
    web: http://www.wien.gv.at/ma22/index.htm
  • Burgenländische Landesregierung
    Abteilung 5
    A-7001 Eisenstadt, Europaplatz 1
    web: http://www.burgenland.at
  • Oberösterreichische Landesregierung
    Abteilung Umwelt- und Anlagenrecht
    A-4021 Linz, Bahnhofplatz 1
    web: http://www.oberoesterreich.gv.at
  • EVN AG - Energie Versorgung Niederösterreich
    A-2344 Maria Enzersdorf, EVN Platz
    e-mail: info@evn.at
  • Österreichische Kontrollbank
    A-1011 Wien, Am Hof 4
    A-1011 Wien, Strauchgasse 1-3
    e-mail: public.relations@oekb.at
  • Sachverständigenkanzlei Dr. Georg Schörner
    A-1010 Wien, Salzgries 10
  • ARP Aufbereitung, Recycling und Prüftechnik GmbH
    A-8700 Leoben, Johann-Sackl-Gasse 65-67
    web: www.arp.at


  • CHMU - Czech hydrometeorological Institute
    CZ-143 06 Praha 4, Na Šabatce 17
    Regional Office Brno
    CZ-616 67 Brno, Kroftova 43
    web: http://www.chmi.cz


  • Ireas - Institute for Structural Policy
    SR-83103 Bratislava, Csl. Parasutistov 21
    telefon: +421 2 44256778
  • SHMU - Slovak hydrometeorological Institute
    SK-833 15 Bratislava 37, Jeséniova 17
    web: http://www.shmu.sk
  • Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republik
    SR Bratislava, Clanok 44




  • Municipality of Forli
    Social Welfare Policies - Health Unit
    I-47100 Forli, C.so Diaz, 21