• A1180 Vienna, Austria
  • Gymnasiumstrasse 42/5
  • phone +43/1/478 34 00
  • fax +43/1/478 63 91
  • e-mail office@aeeg.at

Austrian Environmental Expert Group

Forschungsinstitut für Energie- und Umweltplanung



We do research for provincial governments, the European commission, ministries of local and national governments and others. We elaborate new documentations and concepts which meet official tasks. The acquired know-how benefits to all our partners. We are at your disposal anytime as a competent research partner and problem solver for questions about development and specific implementation of innovative actions on a municipal and regional basis.


We calculate, administer and renew countrywide emission and energy registers for the provinces Lower Austria and Burgenland for almost 30 years and run a permanent emission monitoring. As a result we generate surveys for climate actionplans, air quality reduction strategies and forecastsystem, energy efficiency analysis and emission reduction measures.


Custom-made solutions are our strength. As competent partners we emphasize on your individual requests. All relevant subjects are gathered, analyzed and possible obstacles early detected and removed. Our goal is to arrange specific pre-emptive environmental protection matters focused on cities, municipalities, regional corporations and institutions.


The administration and management of EU funded projects requires precision and experience. The role of the lead partner demands great responsibility, long-term planning and knowledge of financial management mechanics. We have huge experience in this sector caused in the management of many projects.


As neutral and independent mediators we structure the flow of negotiations and projects. So we can quickly achieve targets. A participative and conflict-free approach especially with cross-border projects is our offer.


We develop software and run a series of databases, web platforms and environmental information systems. This modern way of communication and knowledge transfer becomes constantly more important and is combined with our expertise.


We manage EIA's and SEA's, Eco-audits, EMAS certifications; Eco management; Master plans, regional planning procedures; approval procedures, cross-border authority procedures according to ESPOO and arhus criterias. Team members are specialized in this special field of work. Two cross-border bilateral commitees are managed by us.